Philippe Mottaz

Award winner broadcaster and entrepreneur Philippe has been active in media and new media for more than thirty years.

He is a former Head of News and Current Affairs at Swiss Television. Prior to working in Geneva, Philippe spent most of his professional career in Zurich, New York and Washington where he was White House Correspondent and Bureau Chief for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation.His investigative work has been quoted in the “New York Times” and “The Wall Street Journal” as well as in books.

With Stéphane Bussard, Philippe is the co-author of #Trump-De la démagogie en Amérique, published in September 2016 by Slatkine & Co in Paris.

Anne-Claire Adet

Anne-Claire Adet is the co-director of the Geneva-based festival “Les Créatives”. She works at the nexus of culture, politics and the arts. A militant feminist, she holds a MA in Internation Development from the Graduate Institute in Geneva

Iavor Tzolov

His core expertise lies at the crossroads of finance, strategy and business development.
Iavor has 20 years experience in Private Banking, Consulting and Venture Capital.

Joelle Fiss

Swiss and British, Joelle has over fifteen years of work experience on human rights and foreign policy—both in the public sector and non-governmental organizations. She is currently a researcher and analyst based in Geneva, Switzerland. Before that, she worked for Human Rights First (New York, Washington DC) and for the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in the European Parliament (Brussels, Strasbourg).

Alexandre Munafò

Alexandre Munafò is Head of Strategic Partnerships and Communications at Interpeace. He is a member of the Geneva Diplomatic Club and a founding member of the Association AGIR, whose purpose is to build bridges and synergies between the “International Geneva” and the wider public in the Greater Geneva area.

Stephan Davidshofer

Stephan is currently an Academic Advisor for the Master of Advanced Studies in International and European Security. With a PhD from Sciences Po Paris, Stephan has been researching and teaching in the field of Critical Security Studies for the past fifteen years. 

Angus Wallace

A doctoral candidate in public international law, Angus is assistant professor at the Global Studies Institute in Geneva. Prior to coming to Geneva, Angus taught in Belgium, in France, in the UK and in the USA.

Stéphane Bussard

Stéphane Bussard covers International Geneva for the Swiss daily newspaper “Le Temps”. He spent five years in the US as a foreign correspondent for the paper. He is with Philippe Mottaz co-author of #Trump-De la démagogie en Amérique, published in September 2016 by Slatkine & Co in Paris.